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Best WhatsApp Puzzles with Answers 2018 [WhatsApp Quizzes with Images]

whatsapp puzzles with answers

Sending WhatsApp puzzles inquiries to your folks is a tremendous follow provided that we will actually see them wrestle for the solutions. The actual problem lies find the perfect questions with solutions and it could go extraordinarily exhausting if you’d like distinctive pictures for the quiz. You understand WhatsApp is among the outstanding social messaging platforms obtainable right now. As most of your folks are lively on it even in your personal teams, you need to use these puzzles to trick them for a minimum of a couple of moments. You may as well be the a part of this text by sharing some distinctive WhatsApp quiz questions with solutions within the remark part.

For some questions, I’ve made pictures in order that, your pal can simply work out what the phrase drawback actually means. In case you are in search of some distinctive WhatsApp puzzles with solutions in English, I ought to say you’ve simply stumbled onto the appropriate place as a result of what you’ll see under is strictly the factor you need. So, are you able to fiddle with the intelligence of your folks? Right here come your possibilities.

Best WhatsApp Quiz with Answers WhatsApp Puzzles 2017

I perceive you could need to play with your folks repeatedly that a particular variety of puzzles will not be sufficient for you. For a similar cause, I select to replace this listing fairly often to provide you good decisions to pick from. You possibly can bookmark this text and take a look on the finish of this on a weekly foundation to seek out new ones there.

WhatsApp Puzzles Query Photographs with Answers

  • A instructor’s son is a scholar,
    However scholar’s father is a lawyer.
    Then, who’s the instructor to the scholar?

whatsapp puzzles with answers

whatsapp puzzles with answers

Reply:- Mom

  • Guess the names of the next alcohol manufacturers WhatsApp puzzles alcohol

whatsapp alcohol quiz

whatsapp alcohol quiz

  1. eight Pm
  2. Kingfisher Robust
  3. Blue Whiskey
  4. London Pillsnor.
  5. Bagpiper
  6. McDowell’s
  7. KingFisher
  8. Black Canine
  9. Previous Monk
  10. Bacardi
  11. Officer Selection Blue
  • I’m a 5 letter phrase WhatsApp phrase quiz)

Everyone eats me!
Take away my first letter, I’m a type of power!!!
Take away my first 2 letters, I might be wanted for dwelling!!!
Take away my first Three letter, I’m a preposition and close to you!!!
Take away my four first letters, I’m a drink for you!!!

Reply:- Wheat

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  • 4 associates A, B, C, and D WhatsApp associates puzzle recreation

They should cross a bridge.

Solely 2 individuals can cross at a time.

The time is night time they usually solely have one lamp.

An individual ought to carry the lamp whereas crossing the bridge to see his method.

A pair should stroll collectively on the velocity of slower individual.

Speeds of

A: 1 minute to cross bridge

B: 2 minutes to cross bridge

C: 7 minutes to cross bridge

D: 10 minutes to cross bridge

The query “what’s the complete minimal time required by all four pals to cross the bridge?


First A and B- 2 minutes.

Then B will come back- 2 minutes.

Then C and D will Go- 10 minutes.

Then A will come back- 1 min.

Then A and B will Go- 2 minutes.

Complete 2+2+10+1+2= 17 Minutes.

  • Guess the cricket gamers identify WhatsApp puzzles SMS

whatsapp cricket players puzzle with answer

whatsapp cricket players puzzle with answer


  1. Sachin Tendulkar
  2. Umar gul
  3. Ricky ponting
  4. Bradman
  5. Ian Bell
  6. Afirdi
  7. ??
  8. ??
  9. Imran Khan
  10. Chris Gayle
  • Guess the identify of telephone and telecom corporations WhatsApp puzzles photographs with solutions

whatsapp picture puzzles with answers

whatsapp picture puzzles with answers


  1. Nokia
  2. Tata Docomo
  3. Sony ericson
  4. Reliance
  5. Samsung
  6. Sony
  7. Iphone
  8. Karbonn
  9. Blackberry
  10. Iball
  11. Micromax
  12. ??
  13. LG
  • WhatsApp nation identify puzzle

country name whatsapp puzzle brain twister

country name whatsapp puzzle brain twister


  1. Bahrain
  2. Iceland
  3. Iran
  4. Portugal
  5. Singapore
  6. Turkey
  7. Switzerland
  8. France
  9. Cuba

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  • Guess the phrase WhatsApp quiz

guess the word whatsapp quiz

guess the word whatsapp quiz

I’m a 11 letter phrase. My eight, 9, 1, 11 letters symbolize the residence. 7, 2, 9, 5 is the place the place we will swim. 1, four, 5, 11 is a unit of distance. 10, 9, Three, 6, 5 is a world prize. 2, 9 letters are the identical and 6, 11 letters are the identical (not the 4).

Reply:- Cell phone

  • WhatsApp nation identify quiz

whatsapp country names riddle

whatsapp country names riddle


  1. Germany
  2. Oman
  3. China
  4. Cuba
  5. Botswana
  6. Ukraine
  7. Spain
  8. Wales
  9. Peru
  10. Italy
  11. Argentina
  12. Dubai
  13. Bali
  14. Pakistan
  15. India
  16. Iran
  17. Panama
  18. Singapore
  • A person walks into his toilet and shoots himself proper between the eyes utilizing an actual gun with actual bullets. He walks out alive with no blood anyplace. He didn’t miss. Neither was he superman nor some other caped crusader. How did he do that?

Reply:- He shot his reflection on the mirror.

  • A person labored at a excessive safety establishment. The person tried to log into his pc and the pc denied the password. He then remembered that the passwords to the computer systems have been reset each month for safety causes. He referred to as his boss for his new password.

The person stated, “Boss, my old password is out of date.”

The boss stated, “Yes, it is. The new password is different, but if you listen closely you will be able to figure out the new one. Your new password has the same amount of letters as the old one, and four of the letters are the same.”

The person then logged into his pc with no hassle.

What was the brand new password? What was his previous?


Previous password was: outdated

New password is: totally different

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  • A person is discovered hanging in a room Three ft off the bottom.
    There’s nothing else within the room apart from a big puddle of water on the bottom.
    The police can’t see any approach the person might have climbed the partitions to get to the place he’s hanging.

How did this man cling himself?

Reply:- He stood on a tall block of ice and put the noose round his neck. As soon as the ice melted, he was hung, and all that was left was a puddle of water on the bottom.

  • Sasidhar’s mom had three youngsters.

The primary youngster was named April.

The second youngster was named Might.

What was the third youngster identify?

Reply:- Sasidhar

However smells like RED paint?

Reply:- Blue paint (It, in fact, is in blue shade and clearly smells like pink paint as a result of regardless of the colours are, similar kinds of paint odor the identical).

  • In a wet season, someday Three big women have been strolling underneath a usually sized umbrella.

The umbrella isn’t large sufficient to accommodate all Three women

But not a single woman acquired moist.


Reply:- The tough WhatsApp puzzle right here doesn’t say that day it rained. The puzzle solely says it was a wet season. Briefly, on that day, there was no rain they usually didn’t get moist.

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WhatsApp Maths Quiz with Reply

You already have sufficient WhatsApp image puzzles with solutions, I assume. On this session, you’ll get some Arithmetic quizzes to verify your folks’ reasoning capacity and the experience in mathematical operations.

  • There’s a chain nailed to the wall. The chain is 10 ft lengthy and the middle of the chain dips down 5 ft from the place both sides of the chain is nailed to the wall. How far are the two ends of chain from one another?

Reply:- Each ends are nailed with the identical nail. To ensure that the 10 foot chain to dip down 5 ft it should dip 5 ft down and 5 ft up, totaling the size of the chain.

  • Suppose you’re on a recreation present, and also you’re given the selection of three doorways: Behind one door is a sports activities automotive; behind all the others are bicycles. You decide a door, say No. 1, and the host, who is aware of what’s behind the doorways, opens one other door, say No. 2, revealing a bicycle. He then says to you, “Do you want to pick door No. 3?” Is it to your benefit to modify your selection?

Reply:- Sure, by altering your reply your probabilities of profitable truly goes up from 1/Three to 2/Three.

This turns into apparent when increasing the instance. Suppose there was 100 doorways fairly than Three. You decide one and the host exhibits you that the automotive just isn’t behind 98 of the doorways then asks you to modify to the remaining door or hold the door you picked. In fact you’d change your door as a result of likelihood is you didn’t decide the right door initially.

  • A hobo picks up cigarette butts from the bottom and may make a cigarette with four butts. If he finds 16 cigarette butts, what number of cigarettes can he make?

Reply:- 5. He makes four cigarettes with the 16 butts. Then he smokes them and has four extra butts to make one other cigarette.

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Have your mates received uninterested in these tough WhatsApp maths quizzes with solutions? You possibly can set them comfy by alternatively sending the puzzles too.

  • Little Johnny is strolling house. He has $300 he has to deliver house to his mother. Whereas he’s strolling a person stops him and provides him an opportunity to double his cash. The person says “I’ll give you $600 if you can roll 1 die and get a 4 or above, you can roll 2 dice and get a 5 or 6 on at least one of them, or you can roll 3 dice and get a 6 on at least on die. If you don’t I get your $300.”

What does Johnny do to have the perfect probability of getting residence with the cash?

Reply:- He simply doesn’t take the guess. This provides him a 100 % probability of getting the cash house. If he takes the guess with 1 die he has a 50 % probability of profitable. If he takes the guess with 2 cube he has a few 56 % probability of profitable. If he takes the guess with Three cube he has a few 42 % probability of profitable.

  • You create your personal The place’s Waldo recreation on a bit of paper. You need your good friend to seek out Waldo however they assume you could be pulling a prank on them by not placing Waldo on the paper in any respect.

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How are you going to show to your pal that Waldo is on the paper with out ruining it for them?

Reply:- Minimize a small gap in a bit of paper that’s simply giant sufficient to see Waldo. This manner you don’t reveal something about the place he’s, simply that he’s there.

  • Oliver has been employed to color the numbers 1 by means of 100 on 100 flats.

What number of time will he want to color eight? WhatsApp quiz for associates

whatsapp maths picture quizzes with answers

whatsapp maths picture quizzes with answers

Reply:- 20 occasions. (eight, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 98).

  • A rat is positioned at the start of a maze and should make it to the top. There are 4 paths initially that he has an equal probability of taking: path A takes 5 minutes and results in the top, path B takes eight minutes and results in the beginning, path C takes Three minutes and results in the top, and path D takes 2 minutes and results in the beginning.

What’s the anticipated period of time it can take for the rat to complete the maze?

Reply:- 9 minutes.

Every path has an equal probability of occurring and if B or D are chosen they’ll simply add eight or 2 minutes to the time as a result of the rat should restart the maze: time = (1/four)*5 + (1/four)*(eight + time) + (1/four)*(Three) + (1/four)*(2 + time). Time = 9 minutes.

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(1, Three, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15) WhatsApp maths quiz video games with solutions

maths whatsapp quizz picture answer

maths whatsapp quizz picture answer

__ + __ + __ = 30

U can even repeat the numbers.

Reply:- (11-1) + (13-Three) + (15-5)= 30

If 9999 = four, 8888 = eight, 1816 = 6, 1212 = zero, then 1919 =

Reply:- 9999 has four closed areas (the highest of the ‘9’)

8888 has eight closed areas, the highest and backside elements of the eight and there are not any different digits

1816 has Three closed areas, (prime and backside of eight and backside of 6, and it has 2 different digits ( Three*2=6)

1212 has zero closed areas,(zero*four=zero)

Wrapping Up WhatsApp Quizzes and Image Puzzles with Answers

You’ve got about 20 totally different WhatsApp riddles with solutions right here. As I advised you already, I can be updating the listing fairly often as a way to decide up new gadgets everytime you need to trick your mates.

Do you’ve gotten any humorous, tough or superior WhatsApp puzzles to share? Be happy to take action within the remark part under.