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Are your exercises stopping you from getting results?

On at the moment’s episode of Live Lean TV, I’m displaying you methods to create a exercise program to burn fats and keep muscle.

One of the massive questions I get asked by individuals outdoors the health club is this.

Brad, what sort of exercises do you do in the fitness center?

My response, “workouts that kick my own a$$”.

I’m critical.

This consists of designing exercises that not solely burn body fats, but in addition keeps the physique fat off, while maintaining and building lean muscle mass.

In other words, I design my exercise packages for max benefit.

That is referred to as physique recomposition

Burn Belly Fat And Build Muscle At The Same Time (BODY RECOMPOSITION)

It’s not necessarily a fat loss program, and it’s not necessarily a muscle gaining program.

The aim of a physique recomposition workout program, is to take any excess body fats, and rework that stored power into sustaining and building lean muscle.

Slightly than specializing in purely reducing weight on the load scale, the objective of body recomposition is to recompose the place that weight is coming from.

For example, shedding weight from stored body fats, whereas maintaining lean muscle.

So in this edition of Freestyle Friday, I’m sharing more details of how I design physique recomposition exercise packages that get results.

This consists of revealing my exercise program design secrets and techniques that permit me to get sustainable outcomes, 365 days a yr.

Welcome to upkeep mode

I typically confer with my present part of coaching as maintenance mode.

Maintenance mode merely means I’m not training so as to add any extra measurement, and I don’t essentially have to lose any extra physique fat.

The objective of upkeep mode is to take care of a lean and ripped physique, where I have visible abs, 365 days a yr, whereas wanting wholesome.

cut or bulk

So the subsequent question is, how do I do this?

Although numerous it has to do with vitamin, another massive piece is the type of workouts that I complete.

The Journey To My Healthy Diet Routine

In case you’ve ever seen me training in the health club, you in all probability saw me benefiting from my time.

Ask anybody that goes to my health club.

I’m continuously shifting, continually sweating, and always getting results.

In other phrases, I’m go, go, go.

Now I’m not saying this to brag.

I’m saying this because it’s irritating to see so many people wasting their time on the fitness center.

Get your body shifting.

How are individuals losing their time on the health club?

If in case you have been watching my Live Lean TV YouTube channel for a while, you understand how passionate I’m about my transformation 1,000,000 mission.

Live Lean Transformation 1,000,000 Mission

Our mission is to assist individuals Live Lean, 365 days a yr.

So it is sad for me to see individuals placing in the time at the health club, but not maximizing their potential.

In different words, they maintain doing the identical workouts time and again, however it’s apparent their physique does not change.

The Obvious Reason Why You're NOT Transforming

Seems like Einstein’s definition of insanity to me.

Meet Jonathan

Jonathan is 29 years previous and 30 lbs obese.

The Completely Obvious Reason Why You're NOT Transforming

Jonathan’s on the fitness center on a regular basis, and for those who ask him, he’ll inform you he’s training onerous.

Nicely, in his thoughts, he may be training onerous, however I’m constructive he’s not maximizing his effort.

Why is Jonathan not maximizing his effort?

Lets be trustworthy, his workout program is terrible.

He’s obviously following a workout, from a fitness journal, that isn’t fitted to his objectives or fitness degree.

Since Jonathan is 30 lbs obese, he must be specializing in recomposing his body by burning off fats, while maintaining and constructing muscle.

Unfortunately, the workout from the health journal is telling Jonathan to spend his time completing four sets of standing dumbbell bicep curls, with a 2 minute break between units.

How To Do A STANDING DUMBBELL BICEP CURL | Exercise Demonstration Video and Guide

This fashion of coaching is obviously not suited to assist Jonathan reach his objectives.

This is the necessary matter that I need to speak about at present.

What ought to Jonathan be doing within the fitness center?

Jonathan must be following a correctly structured workout program that’s designed for his objectives and present health degree.

Someone please shout that from the roof tops!

Workouts That Burn The Most Calories

Based mostly on Jonathan’s objectives, this exercise program must be targeted on finishing multi-joint compound workouts with weights in the Eight-10 rep range, whereas maintaining relaxation durations shorter, to maximise calorie burn.

This cash within the financial institution combination will help Jonathan burn fats quicker, as he’s triggering the afterburn impact, whereas maintaining and constructing lean muscle.

How To Trigger The Afterburn Effect

Here’s how I design my body recomposition exercises

Sometimes, I set up my physique recomposition exercises in circuit coaching format, with three totally different circuits.

Each circuit is designed to have one exercise that is an:

  • higher body urgent motion
  • upper physique pulling motion
  • lower body hip or quad dominant movement
  • core or stomach exercise

I’ll full the circuit with minimal rest between the workouts inside the circuit.

Afterburn Effect - Live Lean Afterburn Circuit Workout #1

At the finish of the circuit, I’ll take a 60 second break to get well, then I’ll repeat the identical circuit 2 or 3 extra occasions.

After completing all of the sets of the circuit, I’ll often full a metabolic sort bodyweight train resembling:

The objective of this metabolic exercise is to actually burn your self out, before taking a break.

High Intensity Interval Training vs Metabolic Training vs LISS Cardio

After the break, I move on to the subsequent circuit of workouts.

I design the second circuit the identical approach.

One higher body pushing train, one upper physique pulling train, one decrease physique train, and another core train.

Do your exercise packages appear to be this?

By designing my physique recomposition workouts this manner, I’m hitting every muscle in my body, every single exercise.

This necessary because it retains the workouts at a better depth, which keeps your metabolism elevated, and maximizes the afterburn impact.

Afterburn Effect Workouts

This type of training additionally helps construct and keep power since I’m lifting in a heavier rep range of Eight-10 reps.

Subsequently, regardless that you’re burning loads of calories, you’re additionally sustaining power, and you’re in and out of the fitness center in a short time period.

Inside roughly 45 minutes, I’m in and I’m out of the health club.

Key takeaway

The important thing takeaway from this publish is that this.

When most people go to the fitness center with no good exercise program, they primarily waste time strolling from exercise machine to train machine, with no strategy or artistic considering behind it.

If this sounds such as you, you’re limiting your outcomes, massive time.

It’s time so that you can get better results, in the fastest time potential, by investing in a properly structured exercise program.

Once I say, a correctly structured workout program, I’m referring to a program that’s designed in your:

  • particular objectives
  • present fitness degree
  • entry to gear

To assist you to discover the most effective workout program for you, I’ve developed a quick Live Lean Physique workout program quiz for you.

Are you getting probably the most out of your exercise program?

Over the previous 8 years, Jessica and I’ve designed numerous exercise packages, and we are excited for you to use them, so you possibly can accomplish your objectives, as quick as attainable.

The first program I designed was referred to as Awaken The Abs Inside, and my greatest promoting program is my physique recomposition program referred to as, Live Lean Afterburn.

Live Lean Afterburn 2.0

This program will recompose your physique, by helping you burn fat, whereas sustaining and building muscle, so you’ll be able to Live Lean, 365 days a yr.

This is the exact fashion of coaching that I exploit to take care of my physique all yr round.

So get excited to rock a brand new body and take your coaching to an entire new degree.

Go take the Live Lean Physique Quiz to seek out the most effective program for you and your objectives.

I’m excited to see which of our exercise program fits you greatest, so you can begin Dwelling Lean quicker than ever.

Get ready in your new lean body.


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4 Best Tips To Stay Lean While Traveling

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