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Isagenix vs Shakeology – Is There a Way to Tell the Difference?

Isalean shake by Isagenix and Shakeology by Beachbody are my fundamental matter on this submit and I will confront and exhibit aspect by aspect in front of you. I’ve made deep analysis and can present you all the differences between these 2 big meal alternative shakes (Isagenix vs Shakeology).

What’s the story with meal alternative shakes anyway?

In case you’re determined to use good meal alternative shakes, it’s essential to know that the high protein choices are also in a position to maintain your weight reduction. Not only do they hold hunger away, however additionally they aid you eliminate the weight quicker.

The range of meal alternative shakes is impressive, and it’s solely regular that some work higher than others. This will likely put you in a pickle as it’s troublesome to commit or to attempt all of the options out there. Gathering some information and logging on is the greatest means to discover out more and to determine which one may go the greatest for you.

Is there a difference between Isagenix and Shakeology?

Aside from being meal alternative shakes and being priced equally, the Isagenix and Shakeology shakes don’t share many similarities. Going by means of the details is essential, and also you want the entire picture of each of them to make the ultimate choice.

Isagenix’s Isalean shake

The Isagenix company produces Isalean protein shake that’s 100% whey protein sourced from grass-fed New Zealand Cows. For detailed evaluate you possibly can examine my submit right here. Isagenix has develop into very fashionable as a result of it together with it’s merchandise, it presents very efficient cleansing packages that has produced profitable leads to weight loss and better health: the Isagenix 9 day cleanse and the Isagenix 30 day cleanse.

Shakeology shake

On the different hand, Shakeology is produced by considered one of the most popular corporations in the world of weight loss in the USA, the BeachBody. You possibly can learn my full assessment of Shakeology in this submit. Equally to Isagenix’s cleanse program, Shakeology has its own additionally: the 3 day cleanse.


How to make a distinction?

  • You want to undergo the details on vitamin as it’s the greatest means to determine between the two. In any case, you do start utilizing the protein shakes for enhancing your health and shedding weight on the aspect. Or the other approach round, you need to know higher.
  • Remember that vitamin information do differ between each taste and comparing all of them is going to develop into both boring and pointless. Nevertheless, we’re going to take a take a look at the chocolate options as they’re the most popular choices for both corporations. There are some patterns that repeat themselves for the different flavors too to be able to get a good concept.
  • The battle between two meal alternative shakes sometimes comes down to the further nutrients. We will’t identify which considered one of them wins this battle as each of the protein shakes has its very own method, and the elements are comparable, however not similar. Many say that the comparability is ineffective in the end as our wants are totally different.

This is the fundamental purpose for which some like to get solely the protein shakes and never Isagenix or Shakeology as an alternative. Fat, energy, protein, carbs and, essential, sugar are the issues to have in mind when deciding. Nutritional vitamins and minerals ought to come final when making the remaining name.

What’s to say about the dietary particulars of Isagenix and Shakeology?

Right from the beginning, we’ve to point out that Shakeology might take the lead when it comes to vitamin since its degree of sugar could be very low. Nevertheless, it loses when it comes to the protein degree, and Isagenix does include a larger amount of protein.

Shakeology does supply more fat, and it’s low on sugar. Add the decrease quantity of protein, and you will get a quick image of what Shakeology has to supply for you.


Whenever you’re making an attempt to shed extra pounds, sugar turns into an essential factor and fats performs its part too. Isagenix consists of more sugar than Shakeology as each serving has 11 grams of sugar in it. This puts Shakeology in front because it has only 6 grams of sugar for every serving.

Winner: Shakeology


As for fats, Shakeology stands out with a decrease amount of fats for every serving. In case you’re making an attempt to decrease your carb intake, Shakeology goes to be of larger assist. It incorporates only 2 grams of fat, whereas Isagenix loses this one with its 5 grams of fats.

Winner: Shakeology


Fiber is a vital half too, and plainly Isagenix takes the lead on that with the eight grams per serving, but Shakeology doesn’t go very low because it incorporates 6 grams of fiber per serving.

Winner: Isagenix


When it comes to protein, the state of affairs takes a turn, placing Isagenix approach in front of Shakeology. The numbers seem like this: 24 grams of protein for Isagenix, whereas Shakeology provides you only 17 grams of protein for each serving. Bear in mind when deciding as protein is the important purpose for which you’re utilizing a protein shake in the first place. When you’re not going for the weight loss, this shouldn’t worry you a lot.

Winner: Isagenix


As for the energy, it appears that evidently Isagenix doesn’t look nearly as good as Shakeology and it’s greater in calories. Shakeology impresses with the 140 calories per each serving, whereas Isagenix doesn’t look nice with the 240 calories per serving. On prime of that, Isagenix additionally consists of greater than 10% of cholesterol day by day allowance. Should you’re dealing with some ldl cholesterol issues, it is best to hold that in mind. The way you’re going to use the shake has a lot to say when it comes to energy so you need to keep in mind that too.

Winner: For those who’re going to use the protein shake between your meals, you do want decrease calories for positive (Shakeology). Larger calories are going to make the more sensible choice in case you’re aiming to absolutely exchange a meal with a protein shake (Isagenix).

Minerals and Vitamins

One other half to take into account when deciding is to take a take a look at the minerals and vitamins in shakes. As each of the options are meal alternative shakes, they’re going to offer you plenty of vitamins which will exchange a common meal.

Nutritional vitamins are the one defending your physique from the injury of free radicals.

  1. There’s no level of naming the winner on this one as it’s pretty apparent: Shakeology provides 300% of Vitamin C every day worth, whereas Isagenix is just going to offer you 40% of that.
  2. The state of affairs is analogous to vitamin A: Shakeology provides you 100%, whereas Isagenix solely provides 50%.
  3. Calcium makes no exception, and Shakeology gives 20% greater than Isagenix.
  4. As for Vitamin B6, the winner doesn’t compromise, and Shakeology incorporates 100% of day by day worth, whereas Isagenix tries its greatest with the 70%.

As if all of this hasn’t been enough already, going over the variety of the elements are going to make Shakeology look even better. It consists of greater than 70 premium components, whereas Isagenix consists of 50 comparable elements.

Winner: Shakeology

Who’s the better urge for food blocker?

To get the proper reply on this one, we’d have to go through a detailed comparison between the two shakes. The components are essential for blocking and putting your urge for food underneath management.

Satiety is the one immediately related to the urge for food. Everytime you’re not feeling starvation, you eat less than anyone who’s hungry all the time. Satiety doesn’t control on its own, nevertheless it’s extremely related to some kinds of vitamin in our our bodies. The first to mention and doubtless the most necessary one is protein.

Whenever you’re eating more proteins and fewer energy, the satiety is going to last far more than when you’d do it the different means around (more calories and less protein). If we’re placing Isagenix and Shakeology aspect by aspect, Isagenix takes the lead because it accommodates more protein than Shakeology.

But protein isn’t the only one that counts when it comes to satiety and fiber can also be essential for the sturdiness of satiety. Containing eight grams of fiber, Isagenix comes as a higher choice, whereas its opponent only accommodates 6 grams.

Flavors and style

When it comes to flavors, the protein shakes come aspect by aspect as they offer comparable number of flavors to select from.

Shakeology presents you pretty traditional and common options: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, vegan chocolate.

Isagenix, on the other hand, consists of Creamy French Vanilla, Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Dairy-Free Pure Berry Harvest, Strawberry cream, Black Sesam and Kosher Natural Creamy Vanilla.

You can even have your decide from the seasonal (limited time) flavors. Pumpkin Spice is great throughout Thanksgiving and Halloween, and your Christmas might get merrier with the Eggnog taste. Subsequently, you get more options for flavors, although it’s solely from time to time.

There can also be the Kosher choice (however it’s only vanilla flavored), and you can too give it a attempt with the dairy-free version (chocolate, berry, and vanilla).

Shakeology does present a extra fascinating choice when it comes to the flavors as caffé latte or inexperienced berry aren’t quite the typical choices. Tropical strawberry stands out for positive too.

Although Shakeology doesn’t supply more taste choices than Isagenix, it does take the lead thanks to the more interesting decisions. They will not be a lot extra, but they’re more fascinating than the ones from Isagenix. The preferred flavor from Shakeology would have to be chocolate, and you must give it a go for use. Don’t hesitate to add some fruits, milk or numerous nuts for higher taste.

Dietary information

Isagenix doesn’t lose the competition though and compensates with the options for the numerous dietary wants.

The standard Isagenix shake is dairy-free, and it’s additionally soy free, gluten free and has a low glycemic degree.

Understand that Shakeology isn’t certified gluten-free so take that into consideration when deciding. Nevertheless, none of the elements of Shakeology include gluten.

What about costs?

For many, the worth additionally has something to say as no one needs to break the bank just for staying in form. A Shakeology container consists of 30 servings, which are going to be somewhere round $130 on the web. This means round $4.33 per every serving. This makes a Shakeology as costliest meal alternative shake in the market.

You’re not going to pay that a lot for Isagenix that includes 14 servings at someplace around $50. Each serving of Isagenix is round $three.64. Despite the fact that the distinction isn’t spectacular, on the long term, some might want to go together with Isagenix for economic cause alone.

Both Shakeology and Isagenix are direct advertising corporations so you’ll be able to have better costs in shops.

Winner: Isagenix

What’s the remaining verdict as compared of Isegenix and Shakeology?

Shakeology and Isagenix go aspect by aspect on many levels. Each are merchandise of selling corporations, in order that they’re not going to look low cost for many. They do stand out not solely with their moderately high price tag but in addition with the spectacular variety of components within the formulas.

Listed here are the principal benefits for every of the protein shakes:


  • Each serving comes for a lower cost than in case of Shakeology
  • It incorporates a greater amount of protein than Shakeology
  • It additionally consists of extra fiber than its opponent
  • It’s a more sensible choice for the specialized food plan (particularly in case you’re going for the gluten-free or Kosher food plan)


  • It has low sugar degree
  • It presents more flavors which are additionally fairly fascinating
  • It incorporates much more superfoods
  • It has much less fats
  • It incorporates fewer calories
  • It presents a larger concentration of vitamins and minerals

So, which one do you have to go together with? For those who’re aiming for the weight loss, Isagenix may be the higher choice because it’s larger in protein and has a bit more fiber too. Likelihood is it’s going to control your cravings better than Shakeology would. The worth might grow to be a vital factor, and it’s going to be cheaper for you to stay on monitor for the longer time.

There’s all the time a catch when it comes to the protein shakes, and Isagenix does have more sugar and more energy too. It shouldn’t be a disaster, especially for those who’re utilizing the shake as an alternative of a meal. This implies you shouldn’t use the shakes as snacks as the calories are going to add a lot to your weight-reduction plan.

If the worth is just too excessive for you, as each shakes are on the expensive aspect, you’ll be able to checkout a submit the place I like to recommend the greatest cheaper Shakeology options.

All in all, it’s obvious that both shakes include their limitations and you must choose correctly. Some might even advocate not to go together with each of them in the first place and start wanting around for the different options. The market does offer you particular protein shakes which may work higher than meal alternative shakes in the first place. They could even include less sugar, they usually’re not going to empty your pockets both.

Nevertheless, the straight protein shakes aren’t going to include as many components as these two have. But yet again, this may increasingly grow to be an upside for anyone thinking about controlling exactly what he/she is consuming.

Don’t overlook about the protein powder as a base you can add to numerous components. The range of the recipes is sort of spectacular, and it might be the better choice particularly when you’re not prepared to commit yet.

Other comparisons

If in case you have time, it will be a sensible move to additional analyse these two shakes by comparing them with other well-liked choices::