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The Hidden Cost of Acidity in Processed Foods

the hidden cost of acidity in processed foods


the hidden cost of acidity in processed foods

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Let’s speak concerning the hidden value of acidity in processed meals.

What you’re about to learn ought to each shock and horrify you.

We might all wish to assume that the American Meals Business wouldn’t create meals merchandise that would make us sick.


Many processed meals that People eat at this time are making you sick. (1)

Some meals processing corporations are even creating deceptive labels. They need you to assume that the packaged meals you eat gained’t hurt you.

Right here, at Dwelling Phit we’re going to look backstage of the processed meals business. We’re going to inform you about some of probably the most acidic inflicting components discovered in processed meals. (2)

We’re going to be speaking about elements which:

  • Improve acidosis in the physique
  • Include carcinogenic (most cancers inflicting) components
  • Create meals with little or no dietary worth
  • Add elements which intentionally improve weight problems
  • Embrace chemical elements which improve meals habit
  • Incorporate components which contribute to illnesses similar to diabetes, coronary heart assault, stroke, digestive issues, and a number of different well being points

Once you’ve completed studying this text, I’m sure of 1 factor…


What Are Processed Foods?

Each meals that People eat in the present day might be stated to be processed. However, there are 2 varieties of meals processing procedures together with:

  • Mechanical Meals Processing
  • Chemical Meals Processing

Mechanical Meals Processing

Mechanical processing could be very easy to elucidate. You must minimize and harvest pure meals utilizing machines or guide labor. The merchandise are washed and packaged. Then, they’re despatched to the marketplace for consumption.

This consists of apparent pure meals like fruit, greens and meat.

However, sadly even right here the meals processors fiddle with our meals in some type of unhealthy method throughout mechanical processing.

For instance if the greens and fruits will not be natural, they may include pesticide and herbicide residues.

Farmers started utilizing these chemical compounds en masse after WW2.

Guess the place they originated from – SURPLUS WARFARE CHEMICALS!


The Huffington Publish notes that:

…pesticides at the moment are utilized at a fee of 1.1 billion kilos per yr in the U.S. That’s 22 % of the world’s complete use. These chemical compounds transfer all through our ecosystem, making their approach into groundwater and our consuming provide, touring down streams and rivers, and ultimately reaching the ocean.

The article additionally goes on to level out that:

In 2005, the Environmental Working Group testedthe umbilical cords of 10 infants from totally different U.S. hospitals and located a mean of 200 industrial chemical compounds and pollution in their blood, together with a quantity of pesticides.

The herbicide/pesticide residue has collected to such an extent that there’s a lifeless zone in the Gulf of Mexico the dimensions of the State of New Jersey.

Nothing grows there. NOTHING!


Pesticides and herbicides include a number of and unpronounceable chemical compounds. They include carcinogens and lots of acidosis inflicting and dangerous merchandise to your well being. When nutritionists say it is best to all the time wash your vegatables and fruits – WASH YOUR VEGETABLES THOROUGLY!

And, many pure packaged meat merchandise akin to floor meat reminiscent of hamburgers include meals dyes. It makes the meat look brisker for an extended shelf life.

I’ll have extra to say on meals dyes afterward.

Even our most wholesome pure meals include a hidden coast of acidity in processed meals. However, at the very least these meals gadgets are by and enormous actual meals, in contrast to these processed meals that are made utilizing…

Chemical Meals Processing


The hidden cost of acidity in processed foods

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Processed meals are thought-about as being chemically processed consists of these that are:

Made solely from refined elements and synthetic substances…(three)

The chemically processed meals which the typical American now consumes constitutes 60% – 70% of your food plan.

These chemically processed meals contribute to acidosis in your physique, weight problems and a number of well being points.

There are lots of processed meals merchandise which declare to be low in energy and carbs that sound each wholesome and engaging.

You in all probability purchase these merchandise as half of your well being routine to handle your weight-reduction plan and management your weight.

Sadly, you’re nonetheless inflicting your physique extra hurt than good. You’ll see why as you learn on.

However, earlier than I proceed with our processed meals horror present, I need to inform a few very proactive method you need to use to get rid of these toxins and scale back the acidosis in your physique. It’s referred to as…


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Now, let’s get again to our chemically processed Frankenstein meals horror story.

The Hidden Cost of Acidosis in Processed Foods

Why are chemically processed meals so harmful to your well being? How do these merchandise contribute to acidosis and upset the pH ranges in your physique?

Some of you in all probability do take a look at the labels. You see content material gadgets that in all probability seem innocent. They could even sound like pure elements.

In the event you look nearer, there are even chemical names included which you’ll be able to barely pronounce. You probably assume that these chemical compounds can’t be dangerous if the producer is placing it your meals (in the event you nonetheless naively need to name it that).

Right here’s a pattern of a well being meals bar label which is supposedly wholesome.



hidden cost of acidity in processed foods

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Good Grief!

The package deal appears tasty and certain has so much of inexperienced and earth tones to make the processed meals package deal look wholesome.

However, right here’s what the meals business doesn’t need you to know (four)

The following is an inventory of probably the most harmful and poisonous elements discovered in the bulk of chemically processed meals:

Prime 11 Most Poisonous Components Discovered In Chemically Processed Foods

Right here’s an inventory of the actual value of acidity in processed meals:

1. Palm Oil and Different Hydrogenated Trans Fats Vegetable Oils

Palm oil sounds okay doesn’t it?

However, it’s not as a result of this sort of vegetable fat like many different comparable merchandise is loaded with hydrogen. This course of then makes palm oil and different vegetable oil merchandise a strong “hydrogenated trans fat.”

Meals processors use hydrogenated vegetable trans fats oils to maintain packaged meals recent for an extended shelf life.

Any processed meals which accommodates these merchandise – particularly all that packaged junk meals your love – will increase each your ldl cholesterol and triglycerides.

That’s proper people.

You must know by now that hydrogenated vegetable oils are the dangerous fats guys –or LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein). These evil fat additionally decrease your good fats or HDL (Excessive Density Lipoprotein).

Need to improve your danger of coronary heart assault, blood clots and stroke?

Then don’t eat processed meals with any type of hydrogenated vegetable oil. This also needs to embrace shortening.

2. Excessive Fructose Corn Syrup and Sugar

Most individuals know concerning the well being dangers of refined white sugar, however…

How might corn syrup be that dangerous?

Wouldn’t corn syrup nonetheless be higher than refined sugar?

The reply is principally no as a result of there isn’t a lot distinction between the 2.

Meals processing corporations are utilizing much less refined sugar in their merchandise. However, they’ve been substituting excessive fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as an alternative.

When you assume they’re doing you a favor – they aren’t.

They’re utilizing excessive fructose corn syrup as a result of it CHEAPER than sugar.

Excessive fructose corn syrup is produced from corn starch with added enzymes.

However, they’re each easy sugars which suggests they’re excessive in triglycerides. And, they each include roughly the identical quantities of each glucose and fructose.

This additive additionally blocks “Leptin” which is the hormone that tells you if you end up full so you find yourself consuming extra.

When you don’t need to fiddle with elevated acidosis, ldl cholesterol, weight achieve, Diabetes1 or Diabetes 2 than I recommend you undoubtedly keep away from any meals with these things.

You will discover this “sugary substance” in many chemically processed meals merchandise. (5)

three. Synthetic Sweeteners

If assume meals producers are serving to your well being through the use of synthetic sweeteners as an alternative – assume once more.

Right here, I’m speaking about some of probably the most generally used synthetic sweeteners akin to:

  • Saccharin – discovered in “Candy’N Low and Sugar Twin
  • Asparatime – discovered in NutraSweet advert Equal, or
  • Sucralose – discovered in Splenda
  • Stevia
  • Advantame
  • Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-Okay)

They’re discovered in a a number of vary of chemically processed meals..

These synthetic sweeteners are possible doing all of your physique extra hurt than good.

Proof suggests they’re even more durable in your metabolic techniques than evil white processed sugar.

Do you know that research present that synthetic sweeteners do the next:

  • Trigger modifications in your intestine microbiota
  • Improve weight achieve
  • May cause habit as a result of they’re 200 – 13,000 occasions sweeter than common sugar
  • Trigger meals cravings
  • May cause critical long run illnesses with ongoing consumption

Do your self a favor and ban all meals with any of these synthetic sweeteners altogether.

four. Refined Carbohydrates

First, I have to level out there’s a huge distinction between:

  • Complicated carbohydrates, and
  • Refined carbohydrates

I do know that each one carbohydrates are getting a nasty rep lately. There’s a HUGE distinction between the two varieties of carbohydrates.

Let’s be clear – complicated carbohydrates are made by nature. We’d like a specific amount of “complex” carbohydrates in our food plan.

Complicated carbohydrates present a supply of starch together with filling and wholesome fiber. Complicated carbs additionally management ldl cholesterol. They’re discovered in entire grains, fruits greens and beans. These meals are very nutritious and useful to the physique.

Refined carbohydrates may be principally described as being “sugar.”

They’re damaged down shortly. Nevertheless, additionally they trigger your insulin ranges and blood sugar ranges to spike shortly.

You don’t actually know you’re consuming this muck. It’s because meals manufactures favor to provide this unhealthy meals additive extra engaging descriptions comparable to:

  • Wheat flour
  • Multi-grain, and
  • Enriched
  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Lactose
  • Sucrose

And, one of the unwanted side effects is that whenever you eat them and since they digest shortly, you are feeling hungry once more very quickly after

Some of the packaged meals you need to keep away from embrace many widespread merchandise we discover on our cabinets corresponding to:

  • White flour
  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Bread

These merchandise are all stripped of their bran and germ. This additionally removes the vitamins and their inherent fiber.

So what’s the end result? You eat extra!

If you wish to incorporate these merchandise into your eating regimen then it is best to concentrate on these that are made out of “whole” grains. (6) 

5. Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA)

I imply actually! Does this sound like a pure meals discovered in nature?

This barely pronounceable chemical is used as a meals “preservative.” It’s used to stop meals poisoning and meals spoilage. These things is discovered in a whole lot of totally different sort meals.

You assume it ought to be protected as a result of it has been authorised by the FDA (Meals and Drug Administration).

But, then again, the Nationwide Institute of Well being believes it might possible be a carcinogen.

It appears science isn’t fairly positive whether or not this product is sweet or poisonous.

I don’t find out about you however I would like to not play “Russian Roulette” with my meals. (7)

6. Potassium Benzoate and Sodium Benzoate

Simply listening to these names makes me need scoop spoonfuls into my mouth.

These chemical compounds are primarily used as preservatives.

They’re added to soda to stop mould from rising.

The brief identify for this harmful acidic toxin is called “Benzene.”

Benzene ranges in plastic bottles might construct up when uncovered to larger temperatures or with ascorbic acid (Vitamin C).

Merely put, benzene is a “known carcinogen.”

Want I say anymore?

7. MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate)

Most individuals are accustomed to this additive.

What’s it used for?

Usually, MSG is used to reinforce the flavour in your meals.

It’s discovered naturally in very small quantities in pure meals reminiscent of cheese and meat.

Nevertheless, meals producers use the processed model slightly extensively in many meals.

Many scientists discuss with MSG because the “Silent Death.”


MSG is described as a “food-borne “excitotoxin.”

What this implies is that MSG overexcites your cells and may achieve this to the purpose of injury or dying.

It may additionally trigger mind injury to various levels and may set off or worsen:

  • Studying disabilities
  • Alzheimer’s illness
  • Parkinson’s illness
  • Lou Gehrig’s illness
  • Impacts the guts muscle tissue

Merely put, MSG and particularly the Glutamate can critically mess together with your mind’s chemistry and different main organs.

The purpose is as a result of glutamate is identical neurotransmitter your physique makes use of to provoke a spread of your physique’s processes.

If you need taste, I might recommend pure herbs and spices as an alternative of these things.(eight)

eight. Sodium Nitrate

Sodium nitrate is usually used as a meals preservative discovered in meat resembling:

  • Bacon
  • Processed meats
  • Luncheon meats
  • Jerky
  • Some fish merchandise

It’s used to stop the arrival of botulism and different bacterial progress.

The issues is that this chemical compound has some very nasty unwanted side effects which may significantly injury your well being.

Over time, this chemical may cause injury to your blood vessels inflicting the arteries to harden and slender. Finally, this results in coronary heart illness.

Sodium nitrate will even improve your blood strain ranges

It’s additionally been related to different illness similar to numerous varieties of most cancers.

Some research recommend the physique can handle very small quantities of these things so if in case you have eat some bacon or packaged meat – achieve this solely sometimes and never as half of your common eating regimen. (9) 

9. Meals Dyes 

The apparent use of meals dyes in use by meals producers is change or impact the colour of meals you eat to make it look extra interesting.

Each yr meals processing corporations dump in as a lot as 15 MILLION POUNDS of these things into American meals alone.

They do that as a result of the processing process removes texture, vitamins, taste, and makes the meals seem bland in each style and look.

Meals coloring provides this bland meals a extra interesting look.

Brilliant colours additionally make the meals extra engaging to younger youngsters (Don’t miss a trick do they?).

They’re additionally extra doubtless used in the most cost effective costing manufactured meals.

However, what are the well being results of these meals dyes?

This isn’t clear reduce. Many research have linked these meals dyes to a spread of illnesses. To be truthful, these research have all been carried out utilizing unfortunate animal topics.

Nevertheless, the research recommend these meals dyes could also be linked to varied illnesses resembling most cancers in the kidneys, bladder, mind gliomas, and testes. They could even be linked to immune issues and hypersensitivity.

In case your meals wants a meals dye to make it look interesting then perhaps you need to give it a cross. Pure meals have their very own pure colours.(10)

10. Propyl Gallate

This pretty sounding chemical is used as a preservative to maintain oils and fat from spoiling. It may be discovered in sausage and lard.

It’s additionally discovered in popcorn, gum, mayonnaise and frozen meals.

It’s additionally used in pesticides and that ought to be telling you adequate information about this product.

This chemical might have some estrogen exercise.

The science isn’t clear whether or not this product is protected or not.

That’s merely not ok for me. Frankly, I actually don’t need to eat meals which requires chemical compounds.

In case you’re going to place chemical compounds in my meals then don’t you need a definitive reply concerning the potential results?

11. Potassium Bromate

This chemical is utilized by processors in the making of bread and rolls. It’s used to extend the quantity of the bread and produce extra engaging crumbs.

It’s additionally banned in each nation besides the U.S. and Japan.

Even U.S. regulators are nonetheless undecided about whether or not this product is protected or not.

The meals business naturally says in any other case.

Massive shock!

That is one other chemical product the place the science merely can’t say whether or not there’s any definitive hyperlink to most cancers which has been discovered in these unlucky lab animals once more.

Many smaller and business bakeries are likely to keep away from this additive.

So, examine your bread label rigorously or use an area baker in your bread and rolls. (11)

Backside Line On The Hidden Cost of Acidity In Processed Foods

Consuming processed FOODS may cause the next:

  • Processed meals result in cell acidity and have an effect on pH ranges(12)
  • Processed meals are addictive and trigger overeating (13)
  • Processed meals are clearly linked to weight problems (14)
  • Processed meals are excessive in trans fat, easy carbohydrates (sugar) and sodium (15)
  • Processed meals usually are not nutritious (16)
  • Processed meals can scale back power ranges and poor digestion (17)
  • Processed meals may cause melancholy and reminiscence loss (18)
  • Processed meals can contribute to many sicknesses and illness (19)

The risks of processed meals are many and will not be ignored.